Have a bachelor’s degree

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For many, the term Bachelor (of Arts B.A., of Sciences B.S.) raises questions. This is not surprising, since in the English-speaking world universities and colleges of higher education have been characterized for more than one hundred years by diploma and Magister courses. The bachelor’s or master’s degree is not a new invention. Already in the 13th century, the title was awarded in the form of “Bakkalaureus” at the Sorbonne in Paris to the graduates of the university. “The Loorbeeren crowned” found thereafter also at the universities in the European territory. In the 19th century, the diploma and master’s program was introduced and the bachelor’s degree was abolished in Europe.

What is a Bachelor?

The Bachelor, as it is now called, was reintroduced as an academic degree within the framework of the Bologna Process. More than 47 countries have joined this process, which aims to create a unified higher education area by 2010. With this two-stage graduation system one wants to abolish the old study courses gradually and to make the university degrees over the borders comparable. Also helpful is the single point system, the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which is used for recognition in other countries. Those who complete a semester abroad can also use the points system to transfer and credit the benefits of this semester more easily.

Compared to the diploma, the bachelor’s program has some advantages – the study time is shortened. The focus is on faster vocational qualification than in classical studies. The degree is standardized and the academic performance is recognized within the European Union. The mobility of students is being promoted, and last but not least, this change is being used to modernize a large number of study regulations.

The bachelor thesis as a degree for a successful bachelor program

The bachelor’s thesis is the culmination of the bachelor’s degree, which usually takes three years. The Bachelor thesis is proof that you have acquired the ability to independently work on scientific theses. The content, in turn, indicates that the student successfully completed his studies and acquired the necessary knowledge for the relevant fields. As a rule, the Bachelor’s Theses should cover 40 to 80 pages and be written scientifically. The Bachelor Theses are usually the last exams before the final oral exam.

How to Write a Bachelor Thesis

In order to write a bachelor thesis, you should already have written some written assignments in the course of your studies. In the course of the semester exercises are written again and again to prepare for the final exams. In a scientific work, certain guidelines must be followed. The structure follows fixed rules, thus the following components are obligatory:

Cover sheet

This must correspond to the requirements of the individual institute, always including the name of the institute, the title of the topic, the name of the student, the date and the place. A subtitle or the name of the supervising faculty may also appear on the cover page.


The content must reflect the entire work. You have to make sure that the page information matches the final text.


In the introduction the question is asked, which is scientifically processed in the main part. This part is very important as an introduction as it defines the main idea on which all the work is built.


Here the topic is analyzed and edited. The structure must be ordered and systematic so that each step of thought can be well tracked.


In this part, the results of the analysis are summarized in the main part and reference is again made to the question in the introduction. Here the question is answered.


The bibliography does not allow variations. There are precise rules on how a source must be cited. In addition, care should be taken that the titles must be listed in alphabetical order of the authors.


At this point you can attach all further information, be it sketches, photographs, lists, tables, etc.

The topic on which the bachelor thesis is based is either given or a subject area is specified from which the topic is to be selected. In any case, it is very important to be able to narrow down the topic in such a way that scientific work can be done within the given number of pages. If too broad a topic is chosen, one inevitably becomes entangled in detail in the analysis and the work becomes confusing and chaotic.

Tips for Writing a Bachelor Thesis Correctly

A very important point in creating a scientific paper is the right citation. In a scientific text the foreign thoughts with all spelling mistakes must be taken over. So you have to make sure that you put quotes directly in quotes and take over completely. It is also imperative to correctly quote the authors of the citations in the footnote, with name, year, page number.

If you’re not sure which spelling is correct, there are many ways to view sample texts on the Internet that can help you further. However, it is not recommended to simply take over this content. One runs the risk of copying parts of the text and thus being accused of plagiarism. Instead, it is better to have the work reviewed and corrected by a professional provider. The editing of the bachelor thesis is an indispensable activity. This ensures that no (spelling) errors have crept in. Professional writers and ghostwriters, with their many years of experience creating academic texts, are just the ones for such a task; nothing can escape their trained eye. It is the right decision to seek professional help, such as: B. for the editing of the bachelor thesis. Because with the bachelor thesis every student completes an important section in their own education.